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Easter Egg Hunt

Hello egg treasure hunters!!!

You will need a digital camera or smart phone for our treasure hunt, so get hold of mum or dad and beg them for their phones.

You can find everything in our top garden and courtyard area in front of the farmhouse.


1. Take a selfie with Gandulf our 🦌 he is ornamental so don’t climb on him. 📷 

2. Rearrange “WINGS” and take a snap 📷 of someone on it, careful not to get too muddy when you jump off!

3. Keep to the path/grass and find ONE paper egg - keep hold and move on to number 4. 🐣

4. Huddled with his mates you will find an earless rabbit - take a piccie 📷 of Lugless

5. Beatrix Potter’s most famous character is looking at the garden, what’s his name? Grab a selfie with him…. 📷 

6. See if you can find the Wigloo… hint… it’s made of willow and in its centre is an igloo - take a piccie 📷 in the igloo! 

7. Once upon a time bees were kept  in this garden. See if you can find the BEE BOLES which are 4 shelves in the wall home to Katharine’s pots…. piccie please 📷 

8. You’re almost there, the last thing you need to find is the button that makes the noise…. Ding Dong and armed with your piccies and egg you will receive a delicious yummy treat!